Mauricio Alvarez

Mauricio Álvarez
General Manager – Iberia

We work harder, to give you the best.
Our customers are our partners and our desire is to work towards everyone’s benefit.

Successful business growth for our partners as a result of our products motivates and inspires our values:

  • Production is Priority: Our products will increase your efficiency and production, resulting in greater profits for you. Your success challenges us to be better every day and in every way; we do not settle for yesterday’s accomplishments. We desire to continue working for your success long into the future.

  • Personalization: We give our clients particular attention, regardless of the volume of purchases. Our team will gladly attend to your personal requests, giving you individualized guidance based on your needs, and quality after-sales service. Our team is highly trained in both sales and service, so your experience will be seamless.

  • Professional Service: Our core value is to provide customer service with excellence, diligence and confidentiality. We provide the leading service in the market. Our goal is to meet your needs from the outset; your time is valuable.

  • Preferential Pricing: We do not speculate, we simply offer preferential pricing on the initial purchase from the outset. In addition, every purchase is backed by our superior service.

  • Pursuit of Progress: We invest in research and development to maintain our position at the forefront of technology. Our team listens attentively to our clients to implement their needs, constantly looking to improve product standards. Our partnership with you means that our companies progress together.

    Be part of the OSA family! Our services include:
    • Guidance on how to optimize your project productivity
    • Connections, adapters and bolts to suit your machinery
    • Professional tool calibration
    • The best after-sales service with a real guarantee

    All this at no additional cost.
    We work harder, to give you the best.