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A work of love spanning four generations of our family, the pursuit of designing and delivering technically-advanced, high quality controlled demolition equipment has been our driving force since the early nineties. Our approach has led to safer jobsites, facilitated recycling efforts with up to 90% of our demolitions recyclable, drastically cut fuel and labor costs, shortened job times and contributed to waste reduction.

From our inception, we set the highest standards possible for each line we developed, and as a result, we have grown to be a well-respected market leader on a global scale. To this end, we have built a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specifically to continue to build and improve upon our advanced demolition equipment and technologies. From the systems we build to the world’s finest raw materials we use, such as HARDOX and WELDOX, everything we do is done to allow our clientele to do their jobs better.



Certification HARDOX®