Controlled Demolition
vs. Traditional Demolition


Traditional Demolitions were carried out using bucket crushers, wrecking balls, hydraulic hammers and explosives. These gargantuan tools of destruction represented clear risks to those who perform the demolition as well as to all surrounding structures. Comparatively speaking, Controlled Demolition is like performing surgery. It is focused and specialized, and lives up to it’s name as it controls the demolition step by step.

As such, Controlled Demolition is simply the advanced way demolition gets done. The advantages it holds over traditional demolition go on and on, in part due to the advances, and constant innovation, at OSA. Here, innovation is a benchmark, not a buzzword.

How OSA Empowers Modern Controlled Demolition:

  • To maintain world-class levels of quality and technological advances, we’ve built a state-of-the-art facility capable of producing the world’s most technologically advanced demolition equipment.
  • We are specialists for the entire field of Controlled Demolition, a two-phase process that encompasses the entirety of demolition, from initial structure teardown to fully processing the demolished structure and site.
    – Primary Demolition is the first phase, the actual demolition itself.
    – Secondary Demolition, the second phase, deals with separating the rebar and processing the demolished pieces.
  • Our advances have helped make both phases of Controlled Demolition a safer, faster, much more cost-efficient and less labor-intensive alternative to “traditional” demolition. Key advantages include:
    – 90% of materials from Controlled Demolition Are Recycled/Reused
    – This is a much more Environmentally Friendly process due to the recycling and much less diesel fuel use.
    – Cost-efficiency is found throughout; thanks to a 70% reduction in labor required, fewer trucks, much less time needed to complete demolition and lower fuel costs.
    – Thanks to such smaller teams needed, our advanced safety mechanisms (including massive reductions in vibrations) and less time needed to complete jobs, controlled demolition sites are a much, much safer work environment.
    – Partial Demolition: The ability to use our products to surgically remove individual structural elements rather than having to completely demolish a building.